Justice for the Injured Cyclist

If you've been in a bike crash, knowing what to do first can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Bruce S. Deming, Esq. has three decades of experience as a lawyer and as a cyclist, and he is dedicated to providing you with the legal representation and support that you need. Don’t wait to seek help if you’ve been involved in a bike accident - contact us now for immediate assistance.

The Bike Lawyer

The Bike Lawyer

Bruce S. Deming is a cyclist who represents cyclists. He achieves positive outcomes for victims of bike crashes because of his experience with bike law.

The Bike Lawyer Success Stories

Success Stories

Why should you contact Bruce S. Deming to assist you with your bicycle or pedestrian accident case? Here are a few good reasons from Mr. Deming's recent clients.

Your Legal Questions Answered

Important Information

Find out what you should do first if you’ve been injured in a crash, what type of cases we handle, and what you can expect when working with The Bike Lawyer.

Surviving the Crash

If you've been involved in a bike crash, what you don't know about your legal rights can hurt you. What you do know can save you. That's why Bruce wrote Surviving the Crash: Your Legal Rights in a Bicycle Accident - to provide all members of the cycling community with the critical information that you need to protect yourself if you've been in a bicycle crash.

Free Bike Law Book

The Bike Lawyer Blog

The Bike Lawyer Blog

Bruce S. Deming is an avid cyclist who not only represents injured cyclists but is also a tireless legal advocate for pedestrians and cyclists. He contributed to the successful repeal of contributory negligence in DC, and he supports many community events and initiatives in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. Read more about his legal insights and advocacy efforts.

Passionate Representation

Having represented injured cyclists and pedestrians for more than thirty years, Bruce S. Deming understands the experience of being in a crash. In his video, he offers critical information on what to do first if you’ve been involved in a crash. Learn more and contact Mr. Deming today for a free, no obligation consultation.