Why should you contact Bruce S. Deming to assist you with your bicycle or pedestrian accident case? Here are a few good reasons from Mr. Deming's recent clients.

I decided to work with Bruce after I was struck by a car in DC as I was riding my bike to work. With all the injuries, I missed a month of work and needed PT for over a year. Knowing I had Bruce in my corner allowed me to focus on getting better. He managed the process expertly and his reputation and knowledge were a huge asset. In the end, the settlement was significantly more than I expected thanks to Bruce!
— March 2019, Washington, DC

It was really hard to find someone that actually was personally invested in what you were going through and what your experience was. Bruce talked to me on the phone, after hours, from his home, when it was convenient for me.
— Tracy Buro, Washington, DC

Once I talked to Bruce, I knew I [could] trust him. I was already going through enough … and I didn’t want to have to deal with a lot of the insurance, the hospitals, things like that. So for me, I just wanted to know that this was someone that I could trust, and I had enough people telling me, ‘I’ve worked with Bruce before.’ And that really, for me, was what sealed the deal.
— Sigberto Garcia, Washington, DC

He specializes in bike law. If you go to a standard lawyer, they’re really not going to know the cycling laws. They may just view … a bicycle as a toy. Most people do. Bruce rides regularly, and he is a cyclist, and he’s aware of the cycling laws. He specializes in it, and he’s the person you want to represent you as a cyclist.
— Frank Giresi, Washington, DC

I just received the fantastic news about my settlement. I really can’t thank you enough for your support throughout this process. Dealing with the aftermath of this experience has been somewhat harrowing, as I’m sure you can imagine. Having you in my corner was a huge weight off my mind.
— Heather Z., December 2018

I was hit by a car making an illegal U-turn in DC. The insurance companies were difficult to deal with. Bruce was not. I ended up with a good settlement. Quality services!
— Ryan Franklin, Washington, DC

Processing being hit by a car, my body trying to recover from the injuries, dealing with constant pain, mobility issues and on top of that unexpected medical bill, it was extremely stressful. Especially as I had recently graduated from graduate school, I am still looking for a job and was terrified of debt.

Bruce was a bright light at the end of the tunnel regarding my case. He was easily accessible and devoted, most importantly going above and beyond to ensure the case was going to be resolved the best way possible.

I consider Bruce to be an extraordinary attorney, with outstanding negotiating abilities and very efficient.

I highly recommend him and without a doubt, I am very grateful that he was the one who handled my legal case.
— Kenia Guimaraes, Paris, France

Bruce was very easy to work with and great to have on my side. Bruce educated me well on the process and gave me a thorough understanding of my rights and responsibilities. Bruce was attentive to my questions and answered them in a timely and easily digestible manner. I would highly recommend Bruce to any of my friends and colleagues if they need a bike lawyer!
— Robert, Vienna, VA
Using Mr. Deming’s legal services after being stuck by a motor vehicle was the best thing for me to do. Of course, getting my medical needs met was the priority, and this was also the focus of Mr. Deming. Every time I discussed my case with Mr. Deming, he asked about my condition. Mr. Deming was easy to work with and always took the time to explain what was happening in my case, and explain the rationale behind what was going on. He understands the rights of a bicyclist and was not afraid to go after the insurance company when they pushed back. I am very grateful to have been able to work with Mr. Deming and his staff. Thank you.
— Michael Proffitt, Arlington, VA

No one wants to need Bruce. We cyclists enjoy riding our bicycles but unfortunately accidents do happen. If you are ever in an accident, I cannot recommend Bruce enough. Bruce is not only a lawyer but is a cyclist. He understood and was empathetic to what happened in my accident. He was extremely knowledgeable of my injury (AC joint separation), the doctors that were caring for me, and what my rehab would be like. Bruce took care of all of the dealings with the driver’s insurance company, my health insurance company, and my auto insurance (the driver was under-insured) and kept me informed every step of the way. Finally, he negotiated a settlement that was far beyond what I ever expected. Thank you, Bruce! My family and I appreciate all of your efforts.
— Scott Harvey, Washington, DC

Bruce made me feel at ease and confident in my case when I was at my most vulnerable. He stuck with me through months of adversity and never made me doubt that I would one day be made whole again. My case settled more swiftly and favorably than I had imagined. I would definitely recommend Bruce to others in similar situations!
— Amy Rizzotto, Washington, DC

With Bruce’s help, I was represented with strength, professionalism, and compassion. As a victim of a hit and run while cycling, Bruce was critically helpful to me in my plight. I highly recommend seeking his legal advice.
— Ned Taylor, Washington, DC

Bruce Deming lives up to his claim as “The Bike Lawyer,” period! After suffering through a traumatic bicycle accident, I was unsure of my options. I had never filed a claim or a lawsuit before in my life, and I was very apprehensive about the process. Bruce was a calming presence, and always took the time to answer my questions. Our claim went through some difficult challenges, but Bruce was patient and worked through every issue until the insurance company settled. Ultimately, the compensation was better than I expected and it provided closure for a very painful experience. I would recommend Bruce to any injured cyclist.
— Thomas Lemole, Washington, DC

I worked with Mr. Deming over the course of a year after a bicycle accident in the city. Mr. Deming was exceptionally professional and prompt. But beyond that, Mr. Deming understood the personal dimensions of my personal injury case, and didn’t just focus on the quantifiable injury. He took the time to know a bit more about me, and put this accident in the context of my history and life at the time. Shortly after the accident, I moved abroad for school, and Mr. Deming worked with my schedule (and the time difference), and was available whenever I had a question. Someone recommended Mr. Deming to me right after the accident, and now I am passing his name along with confidence to anyone who is looking for help.
— Abigail Bratcher, Rising Sun, MD

Bruce Deming represented me when I was hit by a car that turned without signaling, causing me a broken collarbone. Bruce immediately went to work, resolved the case in a very efficient manner, and relieved me of any of the stress of dealing with the parties involved. I was very impressed not only with his legal skills but with the manner in which he personally cared for my health and well-being. As an accomplished cyclist, he has a great understanding of cycling and the laws of the road.
— Steven Grant, Washington, DC

In 2007, I was riding my Suzuki motorcycle in Woodbridge when another driver ran a red light, hitting me, and putting me down hard. As an avid runner and active person, my life was completely upended. I lost time at work, my broken bones required surgery and months of physical therapy, and driving was almost impossible. When I called Bruce Deming, he immediately came to my house to make things easier. He explained everything in detail, stayed in touch with me regularly, and followed up on everything he promised. His representation was thorough and professional, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
— John Parker, Woodbridge, VA

I came to Bruce Deming after being hit by a car while riding my bike. From the first phone call, Bruce provided me legal advice and informed me of my options. Bruce resolved my case quickly and effectively while dealing with all of the medical and insurance issues. All the stress and confusion of the situation was gone and all I had to do was focus on my recovery. As a cyclist himself, Bruce understands the hazards we face on the road and the difficulties cyclists have dealing with dangerous motorists. I would recommend Bruce Deming to anyone injured in an accident, especially if it is bicycle-related.
— M. Steel, Lorton, VA

Last year, I was riding my motorcycle in DC near the Capitol when a car cut in front of me, causing me to crash. My injuries caused me to miss over a month from work, and there was a lot of damage to my bike as well. Bruce Deming helped me out a lot. He assembled all of my medical records, documented my lost wages claim, and fought the insurance company hard when they wouldn’t pay for all the damage to my customized bike. In the end, he did a great job for me. We ended up settling the case favorably, and I would therefore recommend Bruce Deming to anyone injured in an accident.
— Floyd Jackson, Springfield, VA

When I got hit by a truck on my bicycle during a training camp, many people recommended that I seek out Bruce Deming as my lawyer. I am glad that I did. I could say that the ensuing legal process was stressful for me, but the truth is that it was not. Bruce took care of everything and made it exceedingly easy for me. In the end, I was awarded a large settlement due to Bruce’s hard work.
— Nate Wilson, Pro Cyclist, Arlington, VA

Even though my case was not the right fit for Bruce’s practice, he has been extremely generous in providing his guidance on my bicycle accident case for the past year. As a cyclist, I have been mired by my situation - without a bike and the ability to focus on my physical goals. However, without compensation, Bruce has been relentless and unequivocally dedicated to my cause. I appreciate his efforts and will always recommend him.
— Jason Dixon, Washington, DC

Bruce Deming managed to take a very challenging case and follow through to get me a settlement, years after I was hit on my bicycle by a driver who blew by two lanes of stopped traffic to hit me - in a crosswalk. I selected Bruce because of his association with bicycle groups such as WABA. Right after the accident, I was too traumatized to call a lawyer. Then I was too busy to call. Long story short, I called Bruce almost a year after the accident. He stayed with my case even after I moved overseas for work. I can’t recommend Bruce Deming highly enough for anyone else who has to deal with the aftermath of a bicycle accident.
— Anonymous, Washington, DC

I highly recommend the services of Bruce Deming. After [I was] involved in a motorcycle accident, Bruce Deming was very good at communicating the process and gave me sound advice every step of the way. He and his team were prompt in responding to any questions I had. I was very happy with his services.
— Young C., Arlington, VA

No cyclist expects to be involved in an accident. The pervasiveness of the distracted drivers coupled with the exponential growth of cycling as an alternative means of transportation make car/bike accidents inevitable. The trauma of an incident, staggering paperwork, dealings with law enforcement and insurance agencies make it overwhelming. Bruce Deming is a wheelman and a cycling advocate. He is an expert in traffic law and his competent staff includes former insurance company adjusters. Bruce handled my case as expeditiously as possible, and with a fair settlement that I could not have gotten without him. I highly recommend his services if you are involved in an accident.
— Frank Giresi, Vienna, VA

In May of 2010, I was riding my bike home from work when I was hit by an SUV in Arlington, VA, and my hand was badly injured. The investigating officer was not sympathetic, and the police report wasn’t helpful. As a result, several lawyers I contacted refused to take the case. Then a friend recommended I contact Bruce Deming. He immediately agreed to take my case on. He worked hard, kept me informed, and ultimately produced a great settlement for me. I would definitely recommend Bruce Deming to anyone. Great job, man!
— Anthony DiMeglio, Arlington, VA

Bruce was extremely patient in explaining the complex issues of my case. He made himself available by phone and email and answered any questions that I had. He and his specialist consultants were knowledgeable and professional, and they helped guide my expectations and reach a highly satisfying result.
— Kashuo Bennett, Washington, DC

I was riding my bike in Springfield one morning when a car swerved out from the parking lane to my right. The car struck me and knocked me down, resulting in bruises, scrapes, “road rash,” and some damage to my bike. Instead of asking if I was okay, the driver started arguing with me and actually refused to provide me with her name or insurance information. Fortunately, another driver behind us stopped and gave me her cell phone so I could summon police and the EMTs. Incredibly, the officer refused to give a ticket, but did insist that she provide me with her insurance information. That night, she called my home and started berating me again! Enough was enough.

Fortunately, I located Bruce Deming through his website, and even though it was a weekend, he called me back right away. Given that my injuries were limited, I explained I wasn’t sure that my case was significant enough to get a lawyer interested. But when I told Mr. Deming what happened to me, he told me right then that he would take my case, even if it resulted in no fee. He investigated the case, got the driver’s insurance carrier involved, and pursued the case aggressively. Within just a few weeks he secured fair compensation for me, and also for the property damages to my bike. Without his help, I doubt that would have been possible. If you are ever in a bike crash like I was, believe me, this is the lawyer you want on your side. I recommend him highly.
— Dave Borden, Alexandria, VA

“The most frequent accident configuration is the motorcycle proceeding straight then the automobile makes a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle.” - The Hurt Report, 1981

On June 19, 2008, I was involved in a motorcycle accident that nearly took my life. What took place is cited above as the most frequent accident motorcyclists encounter. I retained Bruce Deming as my legal counsel for this matter. He provided me with expert counsel and delivered excellent results despite poor investigative work on the part of the responding officer. I highly recommend Bruce Deming’s ability to deliver results that will endure.
— Nicholas A. Noll, Ashburn, VA

In 2007, I was riding my Harley in Falls Church when a delivery truck struck me and caused me to wreck. The accident resulted in a fractured ankle and knee surgery, all of which had a huge impact on my day-to-day life. Fortunately for me, I retained Bruce Deming as my attorney. I could tell that Mr. Deming possessed a great knowledge of motorcycles and motorcycle accidents from the very beginning; this knowledge reassured me that he would be a strong advocate for me with the other party’s insurance carrier. Mr. Deming answered all of my questions thoroughly, kept me closely informed throughout the process, and ultimately obtained a fair result for me. I could not have been happier with him as my lawyer, and would strongly recommend Bruce Deming to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation.
— James Pezzone, Reston, VA

I consider myself to be a DYI person. I prepare my own tax returns. I even represented myself at an IRS Audit. I executed my parent’s estate without legal assistance, and I have negotiated property damage losses with insurance companies. Following my cycling accident of January 2016, when I was struck by a motorist who executed a right turn through a red light signal at the exact moment I was crossing the intersection, I figured I had another DYI project on my hands. I certainly had the time on my hands during the long recovery period. I also believed the facts of the case were straightforward. The driver admitted guilt. She was given a citation. There was an eyewitness who happened to be off-duty law enforcement official. Open and shut case, so I thought. But, after several conversations with the claims adjuster handling the case I learned that the driver contested the citation and had engaged legal council. The insurer stated that they would not make a decision to accept liability for the claim until the traffic court hearing had concluded. Right then I knew I was facing a challenge for which was I unprepared.

After speaking with Bruce, I immediately concluded that he had the right stuff. He had a winning tracking record and prior experience in dealing with the very claims examiner who was working my case. During the process Bruce was consistently accessible and responsive. He planned and executed a successful winning legal strategy. He kept me informed at each step along the way. His forecast of the time it would take to bring the matter to conclusion was dead on. In the end, Bruce was able to achieve for me an equitable settlement. This enabled my medical insurers to be reimbursed for the substantial expenses they incurred on my behalf, and left me with an amount I feel adequately represents the impact of the ordeal.

Faced with similar circumstances, you could not find a better attorney to represent your interests.
— Steve Steiner