Bruce Deming, The Bike Lawyer, Featured in Washingtonian

As participation in cycling has increased in DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland over the past several years, so, unfortunately, have traffic accidents involving cyclists. Enter Bruce Deming, The Bike Lawyer. While Deming did not begin his law career as a personal injury attorney,  he is now known in the DC cycling community as the attorney to call if you've been injured while riding a bicycle.

In this month's Washingtonian, Deming speaks about his dedication to cycling and local cyclists, his case history, what fighting for cyclists entails in the District, and how urban cyclists can protect themselves to lower the risk of being involved in a crash.

According to the article, "Deming takes only about half of the 200 or so cases he hears about each year, earning about a third of damage awards that range from hundreds of dollars to millions." Bike injury cases are tough, but Deming's experience in the area and personal attention is invaluable to the individuals who he represents.

I pick my fights—and it’s always a fight.
— Bruce S. Deming, Esq.

Read the full article, "How Big Is Cycling? Big Enough to Have Its Own Personal-Injury Lawyer," by Jeff Johnson to learn more about Bruce S. Deming, Esq. as well as the state of cycling in the DC metro area.